Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goodbye Hadco wreck... and Hello 1961 Oasis

My first disastrous venture into vintage travel trailers has ended. I was so excited for the opportunity to get my hands on a vintage travel trailer, that I was thrilled to even have a wreck to call my own. In time, I'm sure that I would have somehow managed to restore the thing from the frame up.

Yeah, well... maybe.

The problem with the situation was that I had little kids NOW. And I wanted to be able to give them neato memories to cherish for the rest of their lives NOW... before they grew up. Time is slipping away fast.

I think Fate took pity on me this time around and decided to throw me a low-ball for a change. And dropped an opportunity to trade the frame of the HadCo trailer, along with some hard-labor stacking firewood.... in exchange for a 1961 Oasis travel trailer.

I couldn't get the old HadCo frame out of my driveway fast enough.  And a cute little 16 foot, 1961 Oasis travel trailer sits in that spot now.

 Much better.

Considering it's age, the trailer is in great shape. There is dry rot of course. There always is on these old trailers.  And that will require some serious work to repair.

The Oasis still has it's original hubcaps

 And it still has it's original, fully-enclosed awning. 

The running lights are rusted. Not sure how I'm going to replace them. I've got one, faded plastic lens. I think they were called "beehive" lenses or "bullet" lenses.

Here's the faded, Oasis decal. I've discovered that you can buy reproductions of that decal on Ebay. Cool man.

The original, still functioning door handle and lock. And check out that cool little Oasis logo emblem.

And lots of other neato stuff.... we'll take a look at the interior next.

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