Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to buld a bunny hutch for cheap-part1

We've got bunnies. Two of em. And they're both shoe-horned into this little, tiny cage. It's not fair for the poor little guys.

When we got the two little bunnies as babies, we had intended to buy a nice bunny hutch and keep them out under the shady trees in our backyard. But, then we ended up struggling just to pay basic bills. No money for bunny hutches.

Fine. So what to do... Those little beasties still deserve a decent place to live. And that's when I remembered the manky old kitchen cabinet that we had pulled to install the dishwasher when we moved in. That cabinet was still in the garage.

Using whatever spare pieces of spare plywood I had, I spent some time last saturday installing the second floor of our new little bunny condo. You can see the little hole cut for there sleeping area, and the floor section cut out for the ramp.

Next, I'll cut out some spaces out of the sides and in the doors for windows to allow fresh air to flow through.
I picked up some wire mesh from the local hardware store and will put that in too.

4of5 hung out with me for most of the time I spent on the project. He's been testing the strength of the second floors. ; )

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