Monday, December 20, 2010

Rain... pounding around our ears and swirling about our feet. This is Southern California. Where we're lucky if we get two weeks worth of rain out of the whole year. Not complaining tho. I like it. It's inconvenient, but we need the snow reserves in the mountains. We've been thirsty for far too long.

This does, however keep me from being able to work on the frame. S'okay. Because I'm taking the time to plan how to do the rebuild. And doing lotsa research on things like what the 'eck is marine plywood and why should I use that instead of regular cheapo plywood. Another thought is do I really want to keep the stove? I like to cook outdoors on an open fire when I camp. Or just hit the local diner for a hot meal if needed. I've also been entertaining the idea of building in a shallow, hidy-place cabinet under the floor for things like rifles and thier ammunition. Or for hiding chocolate from my ravening children.

So I watch the rain streak our windows, and work on other things for now...

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